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Panasonic Mini DV 33PQ - AY-DVM33PQ


Panasonic Mini DV 33PQ - AY-DVM33PQ

$ 3.90

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The Panasonic Professional Quality 33-minute mini DV tape (has same high quality tape that's available in the popular PQ series but with improved shell and case. The PQ has a precision engineered cassette shell molded of ABS resin, which prevents warping and provides tough impact resistance and durability. The anti-static cassette lid treatment of the PQ repels dust, debris and contaminants, minimizing dropouts. The sliding lock mechanism prevents against accidental erasure of recordings. The Panasonic PQ case is made of a soft material that won't break if it's dropped. The 2-way lid construction allows you to easily extract the tape with one hand, even while shooting.

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