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Fuji Mini DV 63HDV - DV141HD 63S


Fuji Mini DV 63HDV - DV141HD 63S

$ 8.50

The Fujifilm Mini HDV/DV 63 Minute Videocassette is part of a complete line of videotapes made for camcorder use. It was designed to take full advantage of the latest HDV technology. This multi-purpose professional videocassette is compatible with systems recording in HDV/DV (SP mode) and DV (LP mode).

Outstanding Durability is achieved by using four layers plus a special lubricant to provide unsurpassed durability during all aspects of playback.
Low error rate, reduced clogging and higher output in still-frame performance.
High-Output Recording is achieved by using higher packing density of particles in the ultra-thin magnetic coating.
Low Head Wear is achieved by using a special lubricant that significantly reduces video-head wear.
The tapes can be used in Multiple Recording Modes such as; HDV/DV (SP mode) or DV (LP mode).

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