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XenData X2500 LTO-6 digital archive system X2500-SAS


XenData X2500 LTO-6 digital archive system X2500-SAS

$ 5,495.00


The XenData X2500 SAS system includes XenData6 Workstation software which provides the archive, restore and tape management functionality. The X2500 delivers cost effective archiving of video files to LTO data tape. The solution runs on a Windows 8.1 or 7 desktop or tower computer and is very easy to use. It provides almost infinite storage, saving files to LTO tape using either the industry standard TAR or LTFS format.

LTO tapes written in a robotic tape library using XenData’s leading server archive solutions are compatible with X2500 systems. A wide range of workflows for video production, post-production and long-term digital video archiving are supported by combining X2500 systems and XenData archive servers.

When using the LTFS format, theX2500 is also compatible with many third party applications. XenData’s implementation of LTFS brings a number of advantages compared to basic LTFS implementations, including faster file restores because the XenData6 Workstation software restores files in tape order.

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