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Go GREEN... Recycle Your Video Tapes

I. The Significance of Evaluation
The priority in the business of videotape evaluation has been “results.” Where a customer may be satisfied with efficiency, they may be dissatisfied with quality. Empress Media successfully balances the two. We feel that the process by which the results are produced greatly outweigh the results themselves. Not only is our evaluation process proficient, it is also both affordable and GREEN. This means our customers receive quality results for less via an eco-friendly system.

II. What is Video Tape Evaluation?
a. Empress Media has Research Technology International 4100 TapeChek units, capable of evaluating Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, Betacam SX, IMX, HDCAM, and HDCAM SR tapes. The machines clean each used videotape, erase all content, and electronically inspect for physical tape defects that could cause playback or record problems. Options are also available for reuse of DVCAM, DVCPRO, XDCAM, D5, Umatic ¾, and other tapes. To ensure quality production, our machines are regularly maintained for correct operation and periodically inspected by factory technicians on-site or at their factory.

III. What are the services we provide?
a. Evaluation as a Service: We can process your used tapes and send back only the good tapes to use, so you can be comfortable with all of your stock.
b. Purchase of Evaluated Products: You can purchase evaluated, used tape that we have in stock from customers who no longer need or want their used product.
c. Tape Donation: You can donate your unwanted used tapes for cash or credit, depending on the quantity and format of the tapes you have. 
d. Legal Erasure: We can count and individually erase each of your used tapes, and certify that any content is completely erased. Your valuable content is protected from unwanted distribution and copy.

IV. How we produce quality results: (Physical Evaluation/Quality of Product)

A. Our Cleaning Specialists use the following methods:
  • Employing eco-friendly methods, the labels, ink markings, and stickers on both the tapes and their albums are removed.
  • Both the tapes and their albums are thoroughly surveyed for any physical damage in order to ensure the quality of the product.
B. Degaussing and Evaluation. Our Evaluation Specialists:
  • Employ an industrial strength high energy bulk degausser to ensure that all program material on the tapes is completely erased.
  • Using our Research Technology International (RTI) 4100 TapeCheck units, so the tapes are: 
    Degaussed: Passed over an erase head from leader to leader.
    Cleaned: Burnished over a sapphire blade. This phase removes any dust, dirt, or other remaining debris present on the physical tape. These contaminates are removed using a non-abrasive tissue vacuum system.
    Inspected: Optical scanned for any physical surface deformations that could result in dropouts.

V. Quality in the Results
By employing high energy bulk erasing and the utilization of an erase head (which realigns the oxides), we at Empress Media are assured of providing products that are ready to accept new video and audio with no loss of quality.

VI. Our methods reflect our mission
Here at Empress Media our veteran staff has taken pride in our commitment to providing efficient and quality service to our videotape customers who have entrusted us to remove their previously recorded material for the past ten years.  With additional production in New York and Los Angeles with additional space, staff, and machines, it is our mission to provide this service with steadfast expertise and unparalleled stature.