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Tape FAQs

I don’t have time to sort tapes. Can you process and only return the ones I want?

a. Yes, a schedule can be made based on how often you would like your product to be picked up. They will then be sorted, accounted for, and all unwanted tapes will be disposed of.

Will you buy a majority of the tape back if I only need some of it returned?

a. Yes, buy prices will be provided depending on the demand for the product at the particular time.

What is the procedure in regards to shipping?

    a. Shipping In : Based on the size of the account, shipping rates can be negotiable. We welcome all accounts to ship their product to our facility. For companies near us, we may be able to pick up your shipment.

    Shipping Out :
    Outgoing shipment depends on the quantity and weight of the order. Our staff may personally deliver your shipment, depending on your proximity to us. However, for those of you who are of greater distance, your shipment will be processed via United Parcel Service (UPS).

      How long before I can get my tape back?

      a. The process for evaluating tapes is one of precision and efficiency. We do not want to rush this process. We will offer “rush” services, but unless you plan accordingly, you may find the need to purchase our evaluated tape (if available). Most services take 2-3 days for turnaround in our facility. Same day and next day services are available for extra charge.

      What if my customer states the tape is bad after it was evaluated?

      a. If that happens we will refund the cost of the service or product. We have no control over the technology and can only determine if it is acceptable from the result of the evaluation. New tape can have problems too. Our service is backed by a 100% guarantee to either account credit or refund money paid.

      I don’t want to end up using the same tape over and over, how will I know when I shouldn’t evaluate it anymore?

      a. The machine will simply reject the tape and it will be disposed of. Tapes can also be labeled each time it is evaluated. You can also determine how many times you want your tape to be evaluated and discard it accordingly.

      Do I get charged for the bad tapes that don’t evaluate?

      a. Yes, Empress Media must clean and process a tape to determine if it is bad. The defective tapes will be returned to you or disposed of, at your request.

      Can I get new albums for my tapes? Ours are scratched or torn.

      a. If your tapes are being evaluated without albums or your current albums are damaged, then we can replace them for a charge.

      I have in my possession tapes that I’m looking to sell to you. What is my rate of return based on?

      a. The quality of the tape will be determined by our staff to access its performance. Tapes that are not in quality condition will be returned or disposed of. Once the quantity of good tapes is determined, based on market conditions, you will be paid for your tapes.

      I have never used evaluated or thought of using tape twice. What are the benefits? 

      a. Tapes are constructed to withstand multiple-use. Economically and ecologically speaking, evaluating tapes for multiple-use is extremely beneficial. Reduce, reuse, and recycle is the green mantra. Reuse uses fewer valuable non-renewable resources and saves you money.