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LTO is a much more reliable and cost effective storage medium than hard drives. If you are storing hard drives on the shelf, you may be asking for trouble: hard drives have moving parts that can fail, destroying your data. LTO has few moving parts and is certified for 30 years of archive. Large organizations have been using LTO technology for decades to back-up their data. Storage capacities continue to grow along with transfer rates. With the latest generations, LTO is now easy to use.
LTFS makes LTO as simple as hard drives

LTFS (Linear Tape File System) technology makes LTO-5, LTO-6, LTO-7 and future versions tape self-describing and easy-to-use. It provides users with the ability to use standard file operations on tape media for accessing, managing and sharing files with an interface that behaves just like a hard disk. LTFS also provides the ability to share data across Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, as you would with a USB drive or memory stick. Simply load a tape into the drive, mount it into the file system, and it becomes visible as a disk. This greatly improves your workflow making it much easier to use LTO tape as a low cost storage medium.

LTO Versions
The most recent available version is LTO 7, which has the following features:
• 30+ years life expectancy
• Increased capacity to 6 TB native, compressed capacity to 15 TB
• Increased data transfer rate from 300 MB/s up to 750 MB/s

LTO compatibility
LTO drives can read the past two generations of media and read/write the previous generation. For example, a LTO 7 drive or system can read LTO 5,6, and 7 media and write to to LTO 6 and LTO 7 tapes.
LTO media

For LTO 5, 6, and 7 Empress stocks all major manufacturers, including Fuji, HP, Maxell, Quantum, and Sony. Fuji can offer factory barcoding while others can be custom made by Empress. Please check our website or contact us for current pricing and bid opportunities.
LTO drives

Many desktop, rack mount, and internal models are available. Pricing changes rapidly and many manufactures have promotional pricing and other programs, so call for the latest pricing.

LTO appliances and libraries
For automated LTO systesm, there are numerous options for systems with different features and capacities, scaling into petabytes from desktop units to large systems filling entire rooms.
LTO migration services

LTO Backup. We can migrate content from almost any tape format or hard drives onto LTO 6 or 7 tapes. With LTFS, it can be accessed from any compatible drive.

LTO Backup with online access (LTO + Cloud). We can store your content in the eMAM vault library system with worldwide access to proxy copies for search, browse, collaboration, and sharing and digital delivery and download from a local or cloud location.

LTO Conversion. We can convert from older LTO types to newer types so the latest equipment can use them.
LTO management systems

Our eMAM system (see empressmam.com) can be a turnkey system with attached robotic library.
We have many other options:
• Cloud based Software as a Service with monthly billing.
• Software only licenses
• Annual subscription licenses
• Large scaled enterprise licenses to accommodate the largest of organizations

Rental systems
Many systems are available for short term or long term rental: eMAM vault, LTO drives, and LTO appliances. When you rent a LTO system with LTFS, you get all the reliability of LTO while saving money.