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SONY BETACAM SX 22MIN - BCT-22SX (Discontinued)


SONY BETACAM SX 22MIN - BCT-22SX (Discontinued)

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This item is no longer available.

The Sony BCT-22SXA Betacam SX Video Cassette (Small) is a 1/2" metal tape made for Betacam SX equipment. It delivers the high degree of tape-to-head contact which is demanded of digital tape, featuring a strengthened base for optimum tape thickness. It offers 8-bit, 4:2:2 digital quality, with substantially lower cost. The Betacam SX equipment has been designed with a number of applications in mind, particularly news and sport production. The yellow tape cassette is easily recognizable. The tape is supplied in a plastic album case.

This Betacam SX video cassette has 22 minutes of recording time.

Betacam SX 1/2" video cassette with 22 minutes of recording time, supplied in an album case.
Strengthened metal binder system realizes high durability and long head life.
Thinner tape allows increased recording time.
Refined high-density particle packing and advanced calendering systems optimize tape surface.
High-durability and long head life even under punishing conditions.
Ultrafine metal magnetic particles and a new calendering system ensure highly accurate recording/playback of the digital signal.

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