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G-Technology RocketRAID 4522 HighPoint 6 Gb/s SAS/SATA RAID HBA #0G02735


G-Technology RocketRAID 4522 HighPoint 6 Gb/s SAS/SATA RAID HBA #0G02735

$ 579.95

Product Highlights

  • SAS 6 Gb/s RAID-On-Chip Processor
  • Seamless Upgrade Paths
  • True Host-to-Target Connectivity
  • Mac, Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD OS
  • Low Profile Physical Form Factor

The G-Technology RocketRAID 4522 HighPoint 6 Gb/s SAS/SATA RAID HBA is designed to meet the demanding requirements of professional business and media applications, where consistent performance, data availability, and reliability of storage are paramount.

The dedicated 800 MHz, 6 Gb/s SAS RAID-on-Chip processor and 512MB of onboard DDR 3 cache memory offloads RAID processing from the host system hardware, freeing up valuable system resources and ensuring stable and high-performance data transfer. This RocketRAID HBA eases the migration of existing 3Gb/s RAID storage to high-performance 6Gb/s SAS.

HighPoint's comprehensive suite of data security, RAID recovery, and storage maintenance features provide reliability. The separately sold battery backup unit improves recovery times and secures data for up to 72 hours in the event of power outage or severe non-storage related hardware failure. The RAID Recovery tool protects storage configurations by securely storing multiple copies of RAID meta-data, which administrators can utilize to quickly restore a failed or disabled RAID array.

This HBA is capable of supporting RAID arrays configured with any member of RocketRAID HBA product lines. It supports all generations of SAS and SATA storage devices and utilizes 2 industry standard external Mini-SAS connectors for maximum compatibility and ease of integration. Full backwards compatibility with HighPoint’s entire RocketRAID product range streamlines upgrades to storage infrastructure while preserving critical business data for bootable or storage-only RAID configurations.

The storage management features such as Online RAID Level Migration (ORLM) and Online Capacity Expansion (OCE) allow clients to dynamically expand, upgrade and convert storage configurations to keep pace with changing application workloads, without compromising critical data investments.

HighPoint’s RAID architecture eliminates transfer bandwidth bottlenecks, providing the ideal platform for high-density, I/O intensive storage applications including digital content creation and media post production. True end-to-end 6 Gb/s SAS Expansion enables this HBA to support up to 128 SAS/SATA devices in cascade configurations when used in conjunction with SAS Expander devices.

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